Random Thoughts Assail Me


Like the times you kissed my nape,
The wispy breeze makes me sway.
Like your fingers when you ravished me,
It tangles my hair and nuzzles my head.
Like your arms in an embrace…
The nippy chill engulfs me.
Like your words during the night;
The crickety noise comforts me.

A solitary walker reminds me
Of all our walks together…
Melting ice-cream transports me
To our times of shared laughter.
The choir of a church automatically,
Imbues a sense of wonder.
The sight of a pressed rose in a diary…
Weakens my resolve further.

Never have we been more apart,
Yet, never have you been so nearer.
It’s like the world says all the time…
“Does your life need go any further?”
Random sights seem random no more…
Is this all there is to my life…I wonder!



Filed under Introspective, klash, Poetry

5 responses to “Random Thoughts Assail Me

  1. doksaab

    Lovely song

  2. kamanipratik

    cannot comment on this. it is superb and beyond comment. grt work, its more of a diary of a dear friend than a complete unknown.. instant connection to the work ..

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Coming from you, it is an honour. When veterans like you like the work of us amateurs, it helps us feel more capable. Thankyou for making my day.

    Which friend? My curiousity is beyond piqued…It is killing me! Elucidate.

  4. Lovely.Just lovely.
    I feel like reading it over and over again.

  5. beautiful… simply beautiful…

    p.s. I love the pic

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