Mumbai, 26/11

Gunshots, bloodshed and gore
Destruction unparalleled heretofore.
And even while the world sleeps…
A city seethes, and hearts bleed.

Children traumatized,
And families vexed;
A city cries out, in distress.

Valiant warriors fighting hard;
Terrorists killing with disregard.
Both are destined to die…
Without a murmur or a sigh.

Shattered is the belief of the country
Inept and incompetent is this democracy
Vote banks be more precious a commodity
Than the people or humanity

Random fools out on streets
Sitting there, here or right next to me
Can be the carriers of distress
But arise from the flames we shall
Like the phoenix of great myths
And no longer will a city seethe
No longer will hearts bleed.



Filed under klash, Poetry

4 responses to “Mumbai, 26/11

  1. Spot on, really.

    Thanks for writing it.

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Brilliant.It expresses the emotions of an entire nation in a few verses.

  4. richa

    well written…the rhyming felt forced at a couple of places but the emotion was raw and compelling

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