Gossip Girl 1

(I was just reading the HT gossip column n there is this really phunny lady who writes with hilarious terms like, vaziran bua, dimwit, madhu my mottu maid and well, she is so kreative, I’m going to copy her style. For kicks..and variety shariety. So here it goes. And yes, it wont be a regular feature. Just this once, unless I bow to public demand. Please do let me know what you think of this. I got this from Klash, as a mailer.)
Hello my dearest hunnybunnies

So here I was sipping my very tepid iced tea, yes, madhu is such a no-goody at making it. I should probably make it myself but well, my nails are drying… So while I was sipping this tea, a little birdie told me that humara apna Musketeer leader has won the Klash. Now, I was very not-surprised jee… afterall DokSaab, would’ve been the one I voted for too, if only my secretary had bothered sending my comments in. Now, I checked Klash, and Lo! what do I see? Not only did DokSaab win, he won by a thumping majority…So unlike how our govt is formed. But, such is life dearies!

And you know how I don’t trust birdies flying around, what will all the ways of intercepting communication… And on asking our winner, pata chala that the new word is “Desire”. Oh! I’m just waiting to be able to twidle my fingers…where is a secretary when you need one? Does she expect me type myself??

So anyway, our little chatterbox tells us that the deadline (hain?? I didnt even know they followed it anywhere) and its Saturday, 13th December.

Oh wait, madhu just came in, and told me that klash has a newbie!! Some Miracle Drug, who writes nice nice….Hmmm, klash is getting klashier!

Ohho, why is everyone interrupting me with more news? Anyway, Poopiepie just came in and broke my heart sheart jee..It seems a fellow coffee – lover is going to be MIA from klash for a few months! And I sooo loved her linty poems! Hmmm, this makes my tea feel even more bad-jii! Hmmm, maybe I’ll have some iced coffee abhi! Sigh! Such is life dearies!



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3 responses to “Gossip Girl 1

  1. doksaab

    Hey you posted this copyrighted email of the Konfessioners in your Blog, without giving Ruchika any credit.

  2. richa

    I liked the witty style of writing but as said it smacks of someone’s else’s style too however if u keep writing enugh your own style will soon emerge..looking fwd ot many more such reads

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Ruchika won’t mind me putting up her stuff here…
    Connection hai jee 😛

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