The Bunny In The Closet

This is one of my first attempts at writing children’s fiction. Be kind…


Navya sneaked a look from her hiding place behind the pillar to see if she’d get caught. She looked to the kitchen and saw her mum peeling potatoes, and in the living room, dad was sprawled out on the sofa watching football. Satisfied that this was as good as her luck was going to get, she sprinted up the stairs with her supplies and into her room, making sure to close the door behind her. She opened the closet just a wee bit so as to not scare its occupant and said, ” here bunny bunny! Here bunny! I got you some food. It took me ages to sneak it past mum.”

“Why are you poking around in your closet?” Mehak asked, entering the room.

Navya bumped her head on the overhead shelves and yelped in pain. “Look at what you made me do!” she said crossly.

“How was I to know that you would be playing seek all by yourself!”

“Why that is such a horrid thing to say Mehak! And I wasn’t playing seek, I was looking for my new pet.”

“When did you get a pet? Ooh! Can I see? Can I?”

“Shhhhh! He’s in the closet. I’ve bought him some food too. Now if you want to meet him, be quiet and come inside the closet.”

“Oh! He is soooo cute! What’s his name? Where did you get him from?”

“I haven’t decided on a name yet, I just got him yesterday evening.”

“Wow Navya, your parents are real swell!”

“Actually, mum n dad don’t know he’s my pet. I just found him by the stairs when I was coming back from the park. So I just tucked him in my arm like so, and brought him here.” Navya looked at Mehak dubiously and asked, “surely you wont tell, will you?”

“Course not silly! But you ought to tell them. Else you’ll be in bagsful of trouble! Wont they let him keep you?”

“I don’t know, and I’d hate to have to let him go.”

“Well, lets worry about that later. We’ll ask Tanya and Dhruv and Aditya to help us think up a plan of keeping him. I’m sure we’ll come up with something. Now, what have you got for him to eat?”

“Well, I snuck out a few carrots from the fridge and also some nuts and mashed potatoes when mum wasn’t looking.”

“I don’t know Navya, I don’t think rabbits eat nuts. Or mashed potatoes for that matter. So, lets just feed him some carrots today. Then we can go to the library and read up on what all we need to care for a bunny.”



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7 responses to “The Bunny In The Closet

  1. Pratik Kamani

    U hav a perfect way to kill your viewers with jealousy and want. first the mouth watering ice cream , then these teasing beautiful posts. Nice blog, especially the pics with the posts.

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    Thanks, I have a wonderful Pic finder.

    And yes, I love the icecream too. Come back later for more pics. 🙂

  3. cute…totally kiddie…hope this gets longer.

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    Yes it does!

    Keep watching the space for the sequel! 🙂

  5. doksaab

    Hurry with the sequel !!
    Cant wait more!!

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