The Simplest Desire

I wrote this for Klash. And quite a few people felt it was too subtle a desire or too immature. My only defence is that, looking back through time and scrutinizing my life, I have always noticed how very susceptible I am, personally, to hunger pangs and for me, my introduction to desire and all its complexities was through the sin of gluttony.

For others who thought that a child who hasn’t eaten a strawberry earlier, how would she know how it would taste and feel, my answer lies in these lines…

“You do not need to have bungee jumped to feel the exhilaration, you need not swim with a shark to savour the experience, you have done it all sometime, it’s somewhere deep within. Always. “


It happened years ago, and yet…it’s etched in my mind forever. Is it really possible to forget the first time? I’d been wanting it for ever. I’d even made preparations. It was going to be perfect.

Shrouded in the shadows of the kitchen, beside a bowl of shredded chocolate and whipped cream, it felt surreal. I knew I had to act quickly and yet, I tortured myself with its sight.

Soft and juicy, just waiting to be devoured. I could already feel it, the sticky sweet juice ready to ooze at the slightest pressure. The tangy taste lingering long after. I rushed in and dipped it into the cream.

Aaah…the first strawberry I ever ate. My first tryst with desire!


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