Foggy drive - Mt. Tamalpais

It’s a long and tiring journey,
On a cold and foggy night.
The road I’m traversing
Is hidden from my sight

I drive very carefully;
Trying hard to peek…
Into and through the fog
To gauge what lies by.

It’s a test of courage
For a novice like me.
For all I can see…
Are the next few feet.

I know not what lies
Up the road ahead,
Yet, I tread on carefully
Towards the end.

Its one of the many
Road trips I make,
But in the foggy night
Its also a test of my faith.

The test of my courage
To face the unknown;
The test of my belief
That I know where to go.

Its pretty much like life,
Where you tread one step a time…
Where you know the roads to take…
And yet, are tested everytime.

Fickle creatures of the mind
That we are perceived to be,
We take the road trip as a challenge
And rue the adventures of life.



Filed under Introspective, Poetry

3 responses to “Roadtrip

  1. nice, dark, brooding…

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    Awwww 😀

    You’re much too kind! 🙂

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