The Mystery Called LIFE

When life deals you a hand
You cannot help but play.
You may not quit or forfeit,
Even if everything goes astray.

When betrayal rears its ugly head,
I oft wonder …
Was it suspicion or too much faith?
What was the error that was made?

When unhappiness cocoons…
In its blanket of grief and sorrow;
Is it because contentment is amiss??
Or is it because what is happiness
Is only a bizarre guess?

Such are the dilemmas of human life…
Their answers forever elusive;
Maybe I can find them,
With insight and retrospect.



Filed under Introspective, Poetry

5 responses to “The Mystery Called LIFE

  1. Manoj Singh

    Great thoughts,
    I cant believe they come from a nineteen-going-on-twenty chirpy girl like you

  2. Manoj Singh

    please correct my sirname 😦 I think its time i change my keyboard 🙂

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou. 🙂
    A lot of people have the same reaction to my poems.
    Somehow, chirpiness has become antonymous with depth *gloating* 🙂
    And yes, the surname has been changed as per your wishes!

    P.s. Thankyou for reading.

  4. varsha

    I can totally read between the lines in this one!
    Keep helps…I hope it is doing the same for me!
    P.S. Yes I am confused…and running away from the confusion,which makes an even more confusing situation!lol!

  5. sprinklesofchatter

    I wrote this waaay ago. Almost 10 months. It just seemed to want to be posted. 🙂

    But I do hope your confusion abates!
    When do I get to talk to you?

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