The Cherry Tree


I have oft sat by the cherry tree…
And looked afar and yonder.
Those halcyon days of childhood;
When I let my mind wander.

Life was much simpler then…
And joy much easier to find.
Instinct much stronger then;
Untarnished and unconfined!

The connection to the universe,
Was loud and not sublime.
The voice of mother earth,
Filled with a song divine.

The chirping birds bespoke endless tales…
Of people living in another time.
The gushing water, added music
To the peace of spring, in its prime!

In my youth, I realized;
My affair with her beauty
Had diminished in ardor,
With the passage of time.

In my prime, I paid no heed…
To her cooed words of wisdom,
“Do not be so cold to others
You too shall fade with time.”

Today when I look out the window,
The cherry tree beckons again!
In my ripened state of life
I see again, her recurring prime!



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5 responses to “The Cherry Tree

  1. Manoj Singh

    I can not believe you are not past twenty.
    Most of your writings, including this one, view life from a much later date.
    A very mature perception indeed.

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou so much!
    For all the time that you take out to read what I have thought and penned. 🙂

    As for my perception, you flatter me needlessly. I’m just an avg girl lost in her own world of a zillion questions!

  3. You are so young…and sometimes so wise and seem so old.all in all a delightful combination…but enjoy urself more, lifes not so bad…dont let it get to u baby.

  4. Nupur

    beautifully written!!…and you are right..childhood was much simpler!!

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