The Moment Of Truth


So here I was flipping channels. Something I do with alarming frequency when I’m bugged, tired or plain spaced out. And this show called “the moment of truth” was on air. Intriguing concept.

On one hand, I’m amazed at the sheer ingenuity of the creative heads for coming up with such ideas. Who would’ve thought that you could be paid so handsomely, to bare all the skeletons in your closet! On the other hand, I’m also amazed at the greed of the participants who are willing to risk their relations and their jobs to win the money.

I can almost picture the future of the series…every suspecting spouse is going to pester their partner for a lie-detecting test. Instead of pre-marriage counseling, people will flock to such shows. Infact, isn’t it a distinct possibility that maybe the people who enter these shows are thoroughly unsatisfied with their marital lives and figure that they might as well make some money out of it and break their marriage off irrespective of the utter humiliation of their partners!

Another persistent thought which won’t go away is – can the truth really ever be as simple as yes or no? How can you classify your actions into two extremes? No situation is black or white. For eg: have you ever met your ex without telling your husband? Lotsa people would have! Randomly, platonically or maybe they just bumped into each other on the road and sat down for coffee to catch up! And since it wasn’t a big deal, they didn’t mention it. Now on the show, you can’t lie and you say yes. Total chaos. Shocked expressions. Disdainful hypocritical people who must’ve made graver mistakes look at you as if you’re the lowest form of life!

My point is- is it really so simple to quantify the myriad emotions and decisive factors behind your action into a yes or no? If it is, as the format of the show depicts, then, we’re all messed up, pathological liars and the increasing number of shrinks in the world are justified. And if they’re not, then, is it justified to ruin so many relationships in the name of TRPs?

And before you start commenting and ripping my case apart with your stand on “creative freedom” and “they aren’t forced into it” let me clarify further. I’m not against these creative heads and neither am I against these shows. I’m simply wondering about the answers to the questions the show puts up.

Are we as a society really prepared to handle the truth? Truth which is hurtful and really very hypothetical, is it really truth? Yes it hurts that the person you married doubted their being with you…but don’t we all doubt everything? Aren’t we all hedonistically pleased by other people squirming in their seats, while baring their soul? Aren’t the contestants more honest and courageous to be able to sit there and answer? Maybe we need to have a moment to ponder the truth ourselves!



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5 responses to “The Moment Of Truth

  1. ruSh.Me

    My bf always tells me..”I’ll take you to this show, ONCE!! We could win so much!!”. He also says, “These producers wont find much in India…!!”

    We all have secrets… Some hurt and some wont… The Points is can someone sacrifice trust over a lost of green bills….??

    Personally, I wont!!!

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    I guess they could find a lotta skeletons in every closet, kinda coz they make every unimportant situaton of your life seem like an opportunity for debauchery.

    But yeah, these contestants do make me wonder too! 🙂

  3. I watched this show…n i thought the same thing’s bf did 🙂 …it was awesome…heartbreaking…but…wow.
    maybe earlier one wouldn’t find much in india…but with the younger grneration…theres so much stuff…not that different from whats in the US.

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    I would have to disagree on that Sweta.
    Even our older generations have a lot of skeletons…some of them might just shock you! 🙂

  5. Binit

    the show is awesome if u aren’t sitting on the hot seat… and the questions aren’t targeted at you..
    but jus imagine wats going on in the person’s mind or his/her near n dear ones sitting there..
    evryone has skeletons… its all abt finding them . the answers aren’t confirmed by anything but a polygraph test which can be wrong at times and hence is not admissible in court of law.. so wat if u didn’t get the benefit of doubt… your life might just get ruined at the whim of a machine which isn’t foolproof.. i’m not ready to take that risk for few green bucks.. call me dishonest, coward watever.. i don’t have the guts to sit on that hot seat and bare my secrets out to the world for cash..
    but thats me..
    hats off to those who are ready to sit there or have their near and dear ones sit on that chair… i’d prefer to have a few secrets b/w us until they themselves are ready to tell me or if they prefer take it to their grave…

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