Rise Undefied


You could spar with your eyes,
Or wound with your words…
And yet I shall rise
And strut a jaunty stride!

You can offend me with your taunts
And make me cry for a while.
But you’ll never succeed
In ruining my life!

I have all that you yearn for…
And then some more.
Your eyes cannot disguise
The longing behind the scorn!

You could make people ponder
If all I say are lies.
And yet, when you look around
You’ll see me surrounded by allies!

You could try besmirching my pride;
And even convince me you’re right.
But people know me better
They wouldn’t vacillate ever!

You could create a furor and strife
Amongst me and my family alright.
But never would you succeed
In even trying their faith in me!

Your every action seems futile!
You’ve only succeed in making me realize
That I am blessed, innumerable times.
Every time I stumble, I will rise!

Your pseudo friends will walk away…
Your façade will one day crumple…
My entourage will grow larger
I’ll live my life untroubled!



Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “Rise Undefied

  1. Binit

    boy oh boy..!!
    i wonder at whom this piece or should i say masterpiece of yours is targeted at…
    nice one..
    but do u always have to be so rude.. 🙂
    chill.. take light..

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    It’s not at all rude, its powerful and optimistic and strong!! 😛

  3. Nupur

    hey ruch,..the poem is fabulous, really well expressed and has got the right amount of arrogance which was required for the person who you are addressing in the poem(i obviously know who you are talking about)…make sure he/she gets to read this!…keep it up!

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    I knew you’d know exactly who I was referring to! How I wish I could make him/her read it!! 😉

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