For My Mommy

I’d wished for an angel
A long long time ago
You were given to me
Without much ado

I’d wished for courage
To fight my battles
You stood by me
Through and through

I needed to be strong
To face my fears
You stayed up long nights
To help overcome the nightmares

I wanted to be brave
To face the dark
You held my hand and cooed soft words
And made the ordeal, a lark!

I wonder how you do it
Every single time
Are you a real person
Or a spirit divine?



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “For My Mommy

  1. simply beautiful.
    wat’d ur mom say??

  2. doksaab

    Lovely !
    Was this a gift on the women’s day?

    But what about the Dad?
    Have you written about him too?
    I thought you were a Papa’s daughter 🙂

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    She didnt react. She put it in an envelope, then another and then she put it in her case where she keeps all the senti gifts and she got it xeroxed and posted it to every relative she could think of! 🙂

    This was a gift on her anniversary. Yeah I am a daddy girl but somehow, when I sat down to right, I intended to do a joint poem for them, but it flowed for her! I guess she can finally say tht deep down inside I love them equal (Phew!) 😉

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