While I was in the kitchen
Making a pot of stew,
My little angel rushed to me
Full of excitement anew.

Putting the stew to simmer
I turned to look around,
There she stood before me
Holding her hands out.

Clutched in them tightly
Were colours red and blue.
Polka dotted creations
Held together with glue!

Look mom, what I made
They look so beautiful
Aren’t I so clever!
They’re even useful.

I couldn’t help but laugh
Astounded by her words…
I wondered at the mystery
That she would unfurl.

Remember mum we saw
Ants scurrying in the rain
Well these shall work as shelter
So they won’t crawl up my pane!

I shall place them in the garden
At intervals far and wide
These mushroom shaped umbrellas
Aren’t they an ingenious design!

I smiled at her idea,
Banking down my qualms…
That these painted mushrooms
Wouldn’t survive rainstorms.


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