Just for Sweta

Of all my choices for beauty
This one is the rarest surprise
The humongous metal bird
A vile monstrosity to the eyes

As I peek out of the window
Staring at the horizon
The vast expanse of beauty
Is impossible to visualize

A blanket of the richest blue
Is interspersed with fluffy white,
Violet, red and amber
Create a mystic allure

And just when you think
That this is all to it
The sun heaves a weary sigh
It’s time to bid goodbye

As if grieved by the departure
The skies start to lament…
And the beauty of the blue
Gives way to the color of the dead

The time of twilight is always
Beguilingly transcendental
Yet, with no human intervention
It’s mystically spiritual

Ignore the fluorescence
Awaken to the hues
The entire prism of colors
Awaits to embrace you!



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Just for Sweta

  1. finally…something not totally morose!!!this is wonderful…very real 🙂 makes me want to come sit n watch it wid u 🙂

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    Did I work upto your expectations? 😉

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