Insatiable Desire

The bowl full
Of rich red fruit
Against the pristine
White platform
Seem like an invitation
To dive in and
Succumb to temptation

Created to incite
It’s considered divine
Firm yet pliant
It’s tempting to grip
Immensely sweet
With a slight sour tinge

Shaped like the tongue
That shall consume
It acts as a symbol,
A perfect aphrodisiac
To a steamy interlude

Tongue on tongue
Becomes a raging duel
Igniting passions
Like a match to fuel

The sweet nectar
Drips down the edge
It fills the throat
But fails to quench
The thirst within

The combat continues
And destruction begins
The soft pulpy flesh
Melts within
And the joy of conquest
Adds to the flavour

And thus one devours
The fruit of temptation
Conqueror of the flesh
Conquest of the taste
Thirst finally quenched
Desire temporarily sated
Till the battle is fought again!



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9 responses to “Insatiable Desire

  1. ruSh.Me

    Aww… the poem is pretty tempting.. but the image makes me bite my tongue… 😦

    try this :

  2. doksaab

    So this pic was your inspiration 🙂
    Lovely poem !!

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Awwww. Thankyou all.
    Rush.Me for taking out the time to get me a new picture. I will change it today.
    DokSaab for commenting
    CIMP for all the pushing you do which keeps me going and out of a rut 😉
    Pratik B for taking all my crap and helping me word my thoughts.

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    Sounds kind of like a thankyou speech eh? *blush*

  5. Vaibhav

    First time i understood a poem a little in my 20 years!! Nice work done indeed!! 🙂

  6. sprinklesofchatter

    Now that is a compliment if ever there was one! 😀

  7. Little Girl Lost

    why, why why must i always come across such delicious poems just when i am so hungry??

    you made the taste come alive, lady, you made it dance on my tongue.

    and i don’t know if you meant it that way, but that is one VERY sensual poem…

    loved it…
    hope to keep coming back for more…

    take care. do visit.

  8. nupur

    hey dear!!..terrifically written poem haa!! though strawberry is your thing but ur closer to a kiss (wink wink)

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