Mon Ami

I keep tuning the strings and
Strumming the same tune
I’m like the toy jukebox you have
With only this music to call my own

School’s not the same anymore
No one scribbles squiggly notes
I have a new partner, Amy
She’s not like you at all

Summer holidays are here again
And we went swimming by the creek
Everyone runs and plays all day
Trundling down the hills speedily.

Doc says the wounds are healing
And you won’t hurt anymore
And whenever you wake up
You’ll be as pretty as before

I drew you a picture
Of us playing by the pond
Get well soon, mon ami
So I can laugh with you once more.


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One response to “Mon Ami

  1. Little Girl Lost

    🙂 i loved the sense of wistfulness in this one. it has all the innocence of childhood and all the bewilderment of adolesence 🙂

    do visit me at

    would love to hear from you.

    and will definately be back.

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