The Waltz


I remember our Sunday dances,
how you twirled me around…
my pee wee, wobbly feet
never really liked the ground.
And I’d clutch your arms,
wishing you’d never let go…
I think you felt that too,
coz you pirouetted me some more.

I would grin at you toothily,
and your eyes crinkled with glee.
I could feel you pull me closer,
and I reveled in your proximity.
As the Elizabethan serenade
swirled softly through the room
and filled the room with music,
you pirouetted me some more.

I loved how you would plop me
anchoring me to your toes.
How you’d try jumping around
pretending to make me fall…
and just when I would shriek out loud!
you’d hug me really close,
and smile at me reassuringly
as you pirouetted me some more.

And today, when you give me away;
I see in your eyes, all the times
we danced our special dance.
And nothing would come even close
to making this day better than before…
Oh daddy, I’d be fulfilled for life
if we danced together, one more day.
And you’d pirouette me once more!



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10 responses to “The Waltz

  1. doksaab

    Very beautiful !
    especially now when I compare with the precooked version 🙂
    p.s. if you could use that word , jejune, very lyrical 🙂

  2. doksaab

    btw, cute pic 🙂

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou 🙂
    Tried using the word but it just wasn’t working out. Will use it in my next write-up. 😉

  4. this is v.pretty, v.adorable……….i loved it at first read 🙂 obviously i dint tell u so….the pic is now my desktop back ground :o)
    if u want a critique, tell me n il tell u. im here commenting as a fan!

  5. sprinklesofchatter

    Please critique…
    Your critique is ALWAYS important and more cherished. 🙂

  6. rainsongstress

    this poem reminds me of my dad…we used to dance like that too….but that was a really long long time ago….this is such a beautiful piece…very poignant…love your work….keep writing this way….:)

  7. sprinklesofchatter

    Welcome to my blog.
    I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  8. DokSaab

    very seasonal pen name 🙂
    Give us your blog link, Rain !

  9. rainsongstress

    :)..thanks…have been contemplating on starting my own blog for a long time…guess will start soon…will share it then….:)

  10. sprinklesofchatter

    In that case, we’re very willing to satisfy our curiousties for the moment, with just a wee bit more about you. 🙂

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