Confessions of Another Shopaholic


For the past few days, the world has been looking exceptionally nice to me. The weather is brilliant, I have a little (just a wee bit) of time on my hands and…the malls are flooded with “Sales.”

Now, usually, it’s not that big a deal. I mean, shops go on sales every 5 months and really, not like saving 10% justifies the amount of retail therapy we indulge in, all in the name of “sales”. But with the economic slowdown and inflation etc, these darling international brands are really feeling the pinch. Think about it, why else would big fashion houses have a minimum discount of flat 30%? And so, a bunch of my friends and me have been shopping. A LOT!

We’ve scoured every mall in the city, we’ve determinedly picked up atleast one garment per store and we’ve gone berserk with accessories. And yet, we’re all hungering for more. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not greedy materialistic bimbettes. We’re just girls who love shopping and fashion. And with the array of goods on offer, is it really that hard to imagine that sales are like the mecca of shopaholics?

What struck me most about my zillion purchases (okay, so zillion is sorta exaggerated, but you get my point…) is that we’re still wondering if we made the best purchase.

We spent hours trying on everything even remotely nice of every collection and then we sorted through them and re-tried the best pieces and then bought the one – which absolutely stood out from the rest. And not 10 seconds after the bill was rung up, we started contemplating about how something else might’ve been a better choice.

I have an absolutely adorable friend who goes shopping every month. She comes home from college for a weekend…to shop! I’m amazed by her constant chant of “I have no clothes”. I mean, she’ll come out with us for lunch and when we enter the mall, its like the stores pull her towards themselves to check them out.

I love shopping. I love the zing of trying on something new and the rush of owning something outrageously gorgeous. I just hate the aftermath (and no, its not credit card bills, I pay cash!). I hate the constant hungering for more. It’s like we’re in this constant unending loop where nothing ever satisfies us enough to say, “ok, I don’t need more stuff”.

And so, I’ve decided that I’m not going to be left constantly wondering. I’m not going to constantly yearn for the garment that got left behind.

I’m just going to buy both! 😀

P.s. for further information about which store has the best sale in my city, leave me a line! 😉



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10 responses to “Confessions of Another Shopaholic

  1. DokSaab

    The mens wear shop next to my clinic has a SALE, “Buy Two get Nine Free” !!
    Unbelievable ?
    What do you suggest, should we go for it, 11 Shirts for the price of two !!

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    @ DokSaab
    Check out the quality first. Just coz its a sale, we dont compromise quality 😉

  3. ruSh.Me

    I loved my stay in Jaipur… The little shops in the city area.. Bangles, Kurtis, Gulaab Chand, Silver jewellery…Uff!!! I splurged there!!


  4. Or rather just visit … (soon to be launched 🙂 )

  5. sprinklesofchatter

    LOL. You have to come back again sometime. And this time, I’ll show you around 😀

    @Prtik B
    Another one of your random gimmicks OR is this a site your new employer is launching? If its the latter, I’m going to have to charge you for the advertisement! 😛

  6. Komal

    lolzzzz i jst LOVE it…i mean it is so TRUE……

  7. sprinklesofchatter

    Finally you like something I wrote…

  8. The Dark Lord

    I just wonder which is that one friend of yours who comes to Jaipur for the weekend just to shop and says the lines mentioned.. lol.. i just found a bigger shopaholic than the writer and trust me i always believed she’s the biggest shopaholic i know!

    nice piece though :)!

  9. sprinklesofchatter

    And telling that to you will ensure she kills me! 😛

  10. The Dark Lord

    Lol.. i hope she read this piece :)!

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