Magical Monday

I hate Mondays. When my mom enters the room on a Monday morning to wake me up, it sounds like a death knell. It signifies the end of one absolutely lazy, luxurious day and the beginning of TAX tuitions at the ungodly hour of 9am with a professor whose sole aim is to direct the entire lecture at me, save me a seat in the front row so he can ask me a zillion questions on Sections of the IT law that I don’t remember and generally make my life a living hell.

And so, when mom woke me up an hour before scheduled timing and then when my servant barged in and woke me up…again half an hour early, I resigned myself to an even worse Monday.

But then, tuitions weren’t so bad today. My adorable friend from school popped me a surprise, my tutor didn’t ask me more than 2 questions (one of which I knew) and even allowed me to let my mind wander around aimlessly.

Adi, the sister I never had, my mother hen, dropped by from Pune and we met up. Yes, I did have to play hookey, drive myself to the coffee shop and dress up in something more than my cut shorts and stained tee, but it was so so so worth it. And then, we were accompanied by two of the funniest people I know. I guess this Monday was looking better with every passing moment.

I didn’t have any idea how soon I’d get an idea for the next “living free” post. Or more importantly, when I’d have the next perfect opportunity… And this is where the Universe starts talking. Yes, you’re all getting tired of me and my “Universal” conversations, but I just have to let you guys know how real and tangible it really is, once you allow yourself to see it.

Case in point:
I wrote that post about taking chances, living for me yesterday. I vowed to myself to live it one day at a time. Today, I got the perfect opportunity.

While we were in Barista, I let myself be Me, and I walked barefoot. Coz that’s the real me. Also, me and Funny Guy 1 (and I wont name anyone, coz I guess I could get into trouble with them 😉 ) ganged up on Funny Guy 2 and took out whistle lollipops and blew them into his ears…in the middle of the coffee shop. It was exhilarating. It was something I hadn’t done in ages. I shed all my inhibitions and I did what I wanted to.

Sometimes, I feel very weird and totally feel like I’m making a big deal out of this. But then, I look into the mirror, and I see me as I am today. And I see the tiniest whitiest bit of the old me peeking out. The robe of societal norms was pooling at my feet and I stood there, in all my former glory.

For anyone who’s ever felt the way I did/do…do yourself a favor. Do one of the crazy things that pops into your head today.

I guess some days are just perfect. Even if they happen to fall on a Monday!



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10 responses to “Magical Monday

  1. doksaab

    (which means I visited this page, read and smiled)

  2. The Dark Lord

    Simple, Perfect, and Nice!

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Ah Doksaab,
    Where would me and my writing be if not for you? 🙂

    I know its nothing fancy, but it’s one of the nice memories and it seemed like a nice idea to share it along.

  4. Nitesh Rungta

    🙂 … good to know u possess the “will do what i want to” attitude

  5. rainsongstress

    hehehe….i know exactly what you mean….ive done lots of such crazy things…..the other day i walked all alone in the heavy rain with my umbrella overhead (the efforts of which was in vain!!)…down an almost busy street singing at the top of my lungs…really loudly…..needless to say attracting a little too much attention….it felt amazing…!!!!…:)

  6. sprinklesofchatter

    I’d almost given up hope on hearing from you again.
    I love walking in the rains. In my hometown, it gets flooded ever so often and then we squish squash through it. I don’t usually bother with an umbrella. 😀
    I’m glad to see you back and gladder still that you like doing such stuff too. The next time it rains, I’ll remember your singing and smile and get the courage to do the same!

  7. DokSaab

    Hey! This new look (of the blog 🙂 ) is good and also easy to read.

  8. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou 😀

  9. Nandini Sen

    Wow…nice chitter chatter kind of feel in your writeup…..and wow one lucky person you are to have found a “perfect day” on a Monday.
    Great that you got your attitude to rule on that oh so perfect Monnday…
    wishing many more of such days when you can be You.

  10. sprinklesofchatter

    Welcome to my blog!
    I’m glad you like the post. 🙂

    I hope you have magical Mondays too 😀

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