The Gig That Wasn’t…


Written solely at the request of the undermentioned “Tall Guy.” I love you. 🙂

Some days in life are so perfect that you don’t just want to savor every moment of their existence or even just memorize every perfect detail, you want to chronicle it so that in the occasion that your brain decides to skip over even one tiny moment, you don’t lose out on the memory.

Saturday the 8th of August was one such day.

I met up with friends, hookah-ed at a nice cozy café and on my way back home, I saw the hoarding that changed my entire day. Indian Ocean, my favorite-st band was playing at Someplace Else – One of the swankiest places in town. I remember the moment write down to every passing thought in my head. I remember wanting to go for it…thinking how it was impossible since my grand-mom was sick and it was a night gig…thinking how if I’d been a boy, I wouldn’t have to think so much…thinking of how I was ever going to get dad to let me go…basically, thinking A LOT.

And again, I “thought” it into existence. I wanted it with such intensity that irrespective of how insurmountable the odds seemed, I was allowed to go. My friend “Tall Guy” picked me up and took me to Piccadily Square, the best waffle place in town. You see, Tall Guy was not a waffle eater at all. He tried waffles for the first time only after reading my post on them. And he fell in love with them too. So we dined on waffles with thick Belgian chocolate oozing on the top and I added dollops of whipped cream to mine (and also stole Tall Guy’s choco chips) and then we reached Someplace Else.

It was my first night out in Calcutta. My granny does NOT think that girls should be out with friends at pubs for gigs or anything for that matter justifies being out of the house without family after 9pm. I can’t blame her, she reads the classic “Sanmarg” newspaper whose sole aim is to print skewered statistics of women being abused/kidnapped/burnt etc in the city.

Needless to say, I was super excited. Someplace Else AND Indian Ocean AND friends only in one night (AFTER a waffles dinner). Life was perfect.

And then, like they say…this too had a sour tinge. The band was running 2 hours late. So even though I got to go out and listen to probably the best music in a long time and had an absolute kick-ass day, I couldn’t hear the band play. And yet, I’m not disappointed. I got a night out AND on the way back, I got to go on a long drive over the bridges of Calcutta.

Maybe next time, the band will play in my city! And I’ll even get to stay for the entire concert. 🙂



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8 responses to “The Gig That Wasn’t…

  1. Ved

    coool…nice one

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    Welcome to my blog… 😀 😀

  3. The Dark Lord

    Seems you had a nice time while in Kolkata!! 😉

    Nice piece though :)!
    Keep writing more and keep em coming :)!

  4. doksaab

    Its been almost twenty days since this post!
    What is keeping Ruchika busy ?

  5. shweta

    hi ruchu,

    it looks like u have penned this piece. aacha hai. it is as if u r sharing a conversation with someone. bas in the end u could have cleared that u r not talking about the city u live in.
    aur sanmarg ka itna bhi kahrab nahin karna tha or u should not have named the daily. otherwise it was a pleasure reading it.


  6. hmmmmm

    waiting for the next one… post it idiot

  7. sprinklesofchatter

    You read my blog. 🙂
    You know how I feel about Sanmarg… but you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t be so obvious about it.
    Thanks for commenting!!! 😀 😀

  8. sprinklesofchatter

    I thought you weren’t a reader.
    Let alone reading my work.
    Flattered nonetheless. 🙂

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