New Beginnings


It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. And it’s been easier to just sit and delay writing instead of jumping in. I guess I didn’t really believe everyone when they said that you have to keep doing something if you want it to keep it glowing within you. And now, that passion I had for writing, the burning need I had to write has slowly faded. It’s still there but…it now feels like an effort. Like it doesn’t just flow anymore.

A friend long ago mentioned that the toughest part of writing was the blank page and even though I’d agreed to the principle meaning of the words, I truly never imagined that I’d be sitting infront of my computer screen trying to grasp words- in futility.

What’s worse is, I have tons of ideas brewing. Earlier, I lacked ideas. Now I lack the ability to put them into words.

Why am I writing this? More so, why am I posting it?
Coz this “ramble” is the only thing which came effortlessly and I needed to have it out there somewhere to create a perspective.

I’m going to start writing again. Even if its just random lines which dont connect or stilted poetry.

I started out with this blog last year, around the same time. I guess I’m doing another “starting out” again. 🙂

(Let’s just hope I don’t loose steam again.)



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4 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. doksaab

    Nice to see you back writing 🙂
    Why am I writing this? More so, why am I posting it?
    Well , because there are people who like to read what you have to say.

    I had the same dilemma when I first started to blog, I thought no one would read, and even they read they’ll not like it,even ridicule me.

    Keep this going!

    Dr Manoj Singh

  2. TheDarkLord

    Nice to see a piece after 52 days exactly.
    Been logging in everyday till November 19th, but since exams were on the horizon, so didn’t find the time.


    I agree with what doksaab said, people love reading what you have to say and they love what you write.

    So just don’t give it up and find the passion to write again.

    Looking forward to reading another one soon!

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou. It feels great to be back writing. Even if they’re just tiny scribbles as of now. 🙂
    I’m glad you like reading. Feels good to know I have dedicted readers. 🙂

    I’ll be up with another piece shortly.

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    Glad you logged in regularly. 🙂

    Log in in a while for a new piece 😀

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