Another Sunset To Remember You By…

The sun is setting over the hills
Streaking the sky with numerous hues
We’re driving up a winding path
And I sneak a look at you.

Unbeknown to others’ eyes
A slight sheen, I see
Your brows furrowed in concentration
You’re lost to me.

The rocky hills where we stop
And decide to trudge ahead
You finally turn to me and smile
Shrugging off the demons in your head…

You clear the path of the thorns
And help me make the trip
I can see your eyes glance furtively
Ensuring I don’t slip

As we stop at the abyss
And glance at the shrubbery
I feel you press closer
I feel you beside me

And as I sit here reminiscing
I cannot stop the thought
If only we could’ve stayed longer
If only the time had stopped.



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10 responses to “Another Sunset To Remember You By…

  1. DokSaab

    Very Romantic !
    Very Poetic !
    Very Vivid !
    As if I was watching a Music video !

  2. TheDarkLord

    Something Fresh and nice to really freshen up your mood 🙂
    love this piece 🙂

    keep em coming 🙂


  3. nupur

    ahem ahem…i sense deja vu after readin this one?? hv i like witnessed it??..really cute..

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    You have a way of saying the nicest things.
    No one has ever likened my poem to a visual treat.
    That is the sweetest thing ever.
    Thankyou! 🙂

  5. sprinklesofchatter

    KABHI to ek word se zyaada likh diya karo! Tareef nahi to burai hi sahi!!! 😛

  6. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou 🙂
    Am glad you interpret everything in a brilliant light!

  7. sprinklesofchatter

    ROFL. Course you have a sense of deja’ vu. You were there while the inspiration unfolded! 😛

  8. samkit

    just amazing… how do u do that? superb imagination power!

  9. sprinklesofchatter

    Thankyou Samkit

    Your words are very encouraging to me 🙂

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