I wasn’t going to post this. It lacks cadence, it’s stilted in places and it doesn’t make immediate sense to anyone who doesn’t know me. And yet, it’s exactly who I am right now. This is one of the truest reflections of my inner being and how I feel right now and I wasn’t going to share it. But just a few minutes ago, a very dear friend got me to start breaking out of my shell again. This is dedicated to the guy who makes me real and to the guy who made me realise he had my back.

To the both of you…

It’s a bright starlit night
And I’m sitting by the pool
It’s a long time into the night
There’s not a person in sight

The crickets keep cricking
And if I listen intently
Occasionally, I hear a bird tweeting

I see the moths encircle
The minute source of light
Entranced by the flames
Dancing to a tune
Unknown to me

Ever so often, a star catches my eye
I stare at it longingly
Letting my soul fly

The lilting cool winds
Creep in from behind
They tease and tickle softly
Like floating fingers of the night
Tightening there clasp sprightly
They seductively enshrine

As the wind catches momentum,
The leaves flutter more strongly
And the night gets deeper, darker

My desire soars, stronger
The soft, slightly prickly grass
Feels alluring underneath
The winding pathway ahead
Enthralls and excites me
The soft lights in the distance
Seems to beckon me

I stay rooted to my spot
Denying myself release
That the bountiful nature
Has graciously offered me.



Filed under Breaking free, Introspective, Poetry

3 responses to “Untitled…

  1. Hi
    Happy Holi!
    Looks nice, am glad that you are writing often.
    But am in a hurry now.
    Will read at leisure and comment after Holi

  2. TheDarkLord

    Cute Poem 🙂

    The person who help you crack your shell is right! You should share your feeling with close ones more often than not! You’ll feel light that way!


  3. samkit

    hey dear,happy holi!
    ur poem is awesome as always… but I would be glad to know the name of those 2 guys…if u can plz tell..

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