Untitled Again

Unedited for now.


I dreamt a little dream of you tonight
of us playing hide n seek
of me, tucking you in at night.

i dreamt of you running to me
your feet wobbly and arms outstretched
i hugged you close and so tight
a little of my emptiness died tonight

i saw us playing on the beach
you made castles and threw sand at me
i saw us splashing in the tub
blowing bubbles up in the air

i remember crying when the end drew near
your dried my eyes and bit my ear
just like you always would everyday
to wake me up to the bright new day

i tried holding on to you
i didn’t want to let go
but like always…
you had to go

and when i woke up in the middle of the night
i could’ve sworn my ear stung of a bite


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Filed under Introspective, Poetry, Reminiscing

One response to “Untitled Again

  1. TheDarkLord

    Nice poem, dusn need editing to be honest
    But for who was it :-/

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