Amazing isn’t it how inspiration strikes past the deadline?


The patchy pale face
split into a broken smile
One side of the curve
had faded over the course of time.

The floral white frock
had turned a dull shade of grey
The sleeves were ripped
and the hemline frayed.

The sole of the shoe
had seen better days
One of the pair was lost
Leaving a foot bare

Clutched tightly in one hand
and waved vigorously
the recorded gurgling sound
no longer played automatically

And when she was rocked
back and forth repeatedly
instead of blinking rapidly
the doll winked incessantly.



Filed under klash, Poetry, The world around me

4 responses to “Wink…(2)

  1. DokSaab

    Nice poem!
    Why dont you send this as a non-kompetetive entry in Klash

  2. sprinklesofchatter

    Why dont you just save me the trouble? 🙂

  3. TheDarkLord

    Impressive! You’ve improved! 🙂

  4. samkit

    after so long have i visited this website and after reading this poem i m sure of visiting it quite oftn now… quite a good 1 🙂

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