A frivolous idea floats freely
somewhere atop my head.
It serenades me with its lilting tune,
leaving the words unsaid.

I strain to catch the words;
the voice lowers in strength.
I grapple with them endlessly-
it sounds like a strange strain.

It swirls around sublimely;
mesmerizing to see…
A wispy cottony tendril
lost at the touch of me.

I stand fixated by the sides
anticipating another sight.
It whooshes past on wiry wings
taunting my unseeing eyes.

I reach out to touch it,
engulf it in my palm.
As I’m about to caress it
a breeze lifts it high…

Each ephemeral idea
passes me by and
an empty sheet stares back at me
as water fills my eyes.


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Filed under Introspective, klash, Poetry, The world around me

One response to “Ephemeral

  1. TheDarkLord

    Nicely written.. 🙂

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