I spin numerous yarns…
I create things in thin air
A world to call my own
Or a place I’d like to share
A story I choose to write
Or an elegy on the tears I’ve dried
A day I wish to expel
Or an event I’d like to glorify
A moment in time I’d like to remise
Or a feeling of joy, I’d like to enshrine

A silent, somber, brooding night
Or a twinkling starry scattered sky
A hot, enervating, suffocating sun
Or a mellow, sunny liberating day
An unyielding brazen thunderstorm
Or the feel of a sudden light rainfall

I pick a wondrous scene, & make it come alive
I ease the ache of a sordid plight.
I breathe in the stench of a forsaken alley
And tell you so in a way that sounds nice
I let my words take you wherever you want to be
Or let you linger on for respite
I make images come to life
I tell you a story, a tale
Or you could say…I lie



Filed under Introspective, Poetry

3 responses to “

  1. TheDarkLord

    interesting perspective

  2. Pratik Bubna


  3. samkit jain

    if its a lie then I LOVE THE WAY U LIE 🙂

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