The whistle of a kettle,
clinking cups and saucers
and a hot pot of tea.
The music is cloaked-
indiscernibly soft;
amongst numerous tones
and a child’s laughing shriek.

A group of seven
huddles on a table for four.
He looks on lovingly
as she talks to his mother-
hesitatingly faltering;
stealing glances, smiling…
they’re conversing silently.

Over-filled tables
heaving and groaning
under the constant assault.
The loud, rambunctious crowd
falls silent temporarily-
there’s a tinkle at the door
as more people join in.

The rains dance sedately
on a  makeshift tin roof.
Twirling along to a tune unknown,
a few tiny droplets trip along;
trickling into the tea.
Swirled around with a spoon
they taste the tea with me.

On a sandy dusty road
old newspapers flutter about;
and in the veranda nearby-
Chitter chatter and chinwag
suddenly stills for a moment…
as a distant cloud rumbles by
and electricity streaks the sky.

While the evening fades into the night; this melody warms my insides…



Filed under Food, klash, Poetry, The world around me

6 responses to “Melody

  1. Vaibhav

    The experience today if I may ask?

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  3. DokSaab

    Somehow I liked your first draft ! Had that been within the Klash limit, I would have submitted it without even asking you. Your imagery of Nature’s interaction with people has always been very beautiful and alive.

  4. sprinklesofchatter

    Yes, the weather was so perfect. I loved it 😀

    The first draft was too raw and bare. Didn’t seem to work very well. Do you truly think this doesn’t do justice to the idea? 😦 I shall try harder the next time.

  5. love it,

    you have special talent in writing this…

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    Thanks for reading!

  6. If I experienced the above, I’d merely describe it as noisy. But you let me see the whole new picture in a different mood. 🙂 How lovely.

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