A Day That Went Astray

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought everything would go wrong? I had one yesterday.

It started with having slept for barely 4-5 hours. You know, the kind of broken slumber when you sleep at 5am and everyone in your neighborhood decides to get out of their houses and create a cacophony?

The dog in the house behind mine is the most un-mutable mutt. He starts barking and then, for the next 2 hours, the only pauses in his barking is when he’s pausing for breath. He.doesn’t.stop. The guy in the building behind mine has a car with the most annoying honk. The kind of horn trucks have coz they have to spend nights on the highway. The piercing, demonic shrill that cuts through the air and carries on to curl your blood and make you want to go deaf. And yesterday morning, it all came together with the loud calls of the vegetable-wallah and the shawl sellers and the junk-dealers. It wasn’t nice.

And so, I woke up resignedly and waited in bed for a soothing cup of coffee. I waited, waited and waited, but you see, my cook was so absorbed in yelling at the next door neighbor for banging his car into a tiny tree, that he figured my coffee could wait.

No sleep, no coffee and the prospect of two math classes.

My day was well…doomed from the start. Just as I rushed down for breakfast, I had a guy waiting from the office to get me to proof-read a project report.

No sleep, no coffee, no breakfast and the prospect of two math classes lingered.

Finally, by 3pm, I could carve out enough time to eat. 🙂 The day was looking up.

I got into math class, and it was number systems. The first contender for my least bearable topics in math. I sucked at it. So bad that you’d wonder how I got through school. I sucked at it so bad that this was the 4th time in 9 months that I was attending the class, solving the same questions and still not getting them. But then, the class wasn’t so bad. I didn’t get all the questions wrong. Some questions, I even remembered half the concept. And some, I finally got done. Now, I know what you’re thinking, 4th attempt and you still only remember half the concept to few of the questions…really sad right? But then, this wasn’t my subject. It was essentially the one subject that always messed me up. And so I was happy. Not just smiling-coz-my-day-isn’t-as-bad-as-I-thought-it’d-be. But happy. Big doofy grin. 😀

And I had a half n hour break between the two classes. I got myself an apple pie latte. The abso-scrumpilitious concoction with freshly ground cinnamon, double shots of espresso, whipped cream and apple pie flavouring. It is literally the GOD of all coffee concoctions.

Great lunch, great coffee, good math class…one more to go.

And then, the next math class was a revision test and I wanted to shoot myself. I mean, it was ON the topic I did not love. Number systems was a very big part of it. Yay me. 😦 But then, I could do the major chunk of questions. I attempted all but 5 actually. And I wasn’t the slowest snail. I was somewhere ok. And thankfully, I didn’t get more than 3 wrong. That’s huge for me. Really enormous.

That’s when everything in life became beautiful. The stars seemed to twinkle just a wee bit brighter, I hopped, skipped and jumped just a wee bit higher and I grinned a lot more doofier. And when I got home, my parents were back from Delhi. The frustrations of the past few days just drifted away.

So the next time, the day starts bad, have hope. It might not just get bearable, it might just turn around, smack you in the face and make you so happy, you never want to forget it and then you’ll want to put it up on a blog so people can share it with you.



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5 responses to “A Day That Went Astray

  1. DokSaab

    Good one !
    do keep writing !

  2. LOL, Well, I hope your BloPoMo, will continue for the entire month! All the best for March! Any ways, next time your day begins badly, pause and eat something! A full stomach goes a long way on an ugly day! 😀

    p.s. Can you replace my link in your blogroll? The WP blog? Blogger is sort of boring now. Will try to begin NaBloPoMo in the new WP avatar!

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Thanks DokSaab 😀

    Changed the Blog-link. 😀
    Now, how do I link the NaBloPoMo image onto my blog? Also, how do I link the “Post a week 2011” tag?
    A detailed how-to would help.

    P.s. WHY are you not online on gtalk these days?

    Oh and P.p.s. You haven’t updated 2 tiffins in forever. I need new food posts 😛

  4. I think first you have register at NaBloPoMo site and get a id/password etc.

    Then submit the blog in their March NaBloPoMo section, so that everyday when you update the post, their site would also get updated. I did it a long time ago and I don’t even remember my id/password etc. Will have to search!

    Windows reinstalled and GTalk not installed that’s why!

    Now I can, with the new cook books! I was just being lazy! 😦

  5. sprinklesofchatter

    DONE 😀

    All of a sudden, I don’t feel that silly with a blog 😀

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