Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. They’ve managed to spend 24 wondrous years together and…I am awed. Every time I see lasting marriages, I have this sense of wonderment which is very akin to the wonderment of a child when he sees a magic trick. To me, marriage is just that. A magic trick which always stumps me. I can never figure out its execution.

I see people breaking up on a regular basis. People my age don’t really have the patience to make a relationship work. We’re too used to always having alternatives in every sphere of our life. So I guess, it makes some kind of sense that we’d want alternatives in our relationships too. What with the constantly increasing divorce rates and the ease with which we terminate relationships, it’s kind of surprising (in the best way possible) to see people together for years at a stretch.

A lot of people around me don’t believe in the idea of marriage. I won’t call it an institution coz it seems like a very cold name for a system of beliefs I cherish so much. When I see really old people sitting together in a bar and still looking into each others’ eyes, it makes me feel pudgy squishy reassured. When I see couples who’ve been together for over 30-40 years squabble over one another’s quirky behaviour, I want to hug them and cuddle them and thank them for reaffirming my belief in marriage.

Maybe someday I’ll write about why marriage is so important to me. And then I’ll write about what I think about relationships in general. But for today, I’m going to nurse a drink, sit in the bar and see my parents blush when they hold hands in public. I’m going to sit back and enjoy how they’ll eat off each others’ plates and then mock-fight about it. And just when they’re tired and we’re coming home, I’ll smile when I see my mom’s hand slide onto my dad’s thigh and rest there till they reach home.


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  1. Wow! This day is like a Marriage Celebration day, because I have another friend whose parent’s got married today! Sweet!

    I agree, my parents are like super romantic! I remember in my school days, Mom-Dad used to kiss outside the home, when dad would leave for office and after he came home! And that was sort of surprising to me at times, coz none of our neighbors were enthusiastic about displaying such sort of passion. Obviously, now that both of us siblings have moved out, I can only imagine, what the empty house to themselves could have been witnessing! 😀

    Romance apart, I love how a couple can understand each other, even without words. How the evening hug can be the telltale of the the day’s problems. How you hold hands can be the best moment of the shitty day! I can’t wait to grow old in love! 🙂

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