Funny Face

I’m a big Audrey Hepburn fan. Ever since the day I saw My Fair Lady, I’ve been completely enamoured by her. As a kid, you couldn’t get me to shut up and not sing “Wouldn’t it be luverly” at the top of my lungs. Oft, I’d end up spraining my ankle or falling as I was trying to emulate her move and failing coz there wasn’t anyone to hold the see-saw while I tried. I was so in love with the tune that my tiny little head couldn’t figure out that the Bakeman’s Marie ad that played was on the tune and not the same song. Being the accommodating I child I was, I’d happily sing both and sometimes, I’d even jumble them up to make up a ridiculously meaningless new song. And so, this Sunday, I got down to watching Funny Face simply because she starred in it. I didn’t read the reviews or anything else. I simply picked a movie off of her works and got down to watching it. I didn’t really care if it was one of her good works or not. And I certainly had no idea why Fred Astaire is worshipped the way he is. I’d heard him being mentioned often enough. But, I had no real clue as to what he was so famous for.

I was fully expecting to love the movie. And I did. What I wasn’t really expecting to do was fall in love with the magic of Astaire. Here was a man who looked old and pretty regular. But he had such charm!

I love men who can dance. There is something incredibly enchanting about men who can move about so gracefully. I also love men who can sing. A soft crooning voice is just so perfect. Now, Fred Astaire is a man who not only sings like a dream or moves like one, he does it so effortlessly and so nonchalantly that it seems like he’s humouring you. It’s like he’s in on the secret of how everyone finds him incredible and yet, he finds it funny personally. He epitomizes twinkling eyes and joie de vivre.

It’s been a long time since a movie made me forget all propriety and just giggle and clap and jump on my seat. Okay, so well, it’s been a long time since a non-animated movie did that. Here was a movie that I was watching because of my favourite actress and this man completely overshadowed her. He stole every little scene. And let’s face it. Any guy who can dance like he did in the dark room and sing “I love your funny face” with such sincerity can totally lay claim to my heart. I’m a 22 year old who lives for such cotton-candy fluff.

If I sit down to think of a current leading man getting away with the song and dance routine by the church (and in that blue sweater!!!)  or the song “Let’s kiss and make up;” none come to my mind.

And by the end of this incredibly corny musical, the only words on my tongue were “I love your funny face…” and the only thought in my head- Why don’t they make them like Astaire anymore? 🙂


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