Good Music

I’m constantly amazed by the amount of wonderful music out there in the world. For everyone who thinks mathematically, that there is a finite amount of tunes to be made, or for all those people who state that universal creativity is limited, I feel nothing but a deep sense of pity.

Sometimes, I’m one of those very people I pity. Because, ever so often, I’ll make the ghastly mistake of switching on VH1 or MTv or Channel V and feeling horrified, absolutely horrified, by what I hear. Now, I’m not saying that ALL the music they play is bad (well yes, that is what I’m saying but then it would be politically incorrect) but suffice to say, that none of the music I hear on it is what I’d willingly subject myself to hearing off the dance floor. And some, like Minaj, Beiber, Gaga; I wouldn’t subject myself to that EVER. Also, I don’t like Gangnam Style. And the One Direction boys look and sound like idiots. And for your sanity, do not even get me started on Yo Yo Honey Singh!!

So…there you have it. I don’t like what passes for popular music these days.

And when kids in the age group of 14-17 go gaga over this crap, I weep for the music we used to have. I wonder how music went from wanting to love a woman to making love to a woman. I wonder how music went from wanting to buy her pearls and fine clothes to undressing her on the dance floor. And why does all the music have to go bada-boom-bada-bing?

Now, I was also into boy bands when I was that age. I can still sing every song by Boyzone, Westlife or Backstreet Boys, word for word. But I promise you, some of those songs were really good. Lyrically and musically.

Some of these new gen singers also come up with some good numbers. But we’re really not going to focus on the minority. And the majority; well, the less I say the better. It disheartens me when I see what passes for music these days. But then, ever so often, I end up coming across really good musicians who create good music…consistently.

Most of such finds have been by watching TV series’. It started with Grey’s Anatomy. I fell in love with a song in the first season and hunted it down. And somehow, I’d watch the series just for that…well, till Season 2 anyway. Then Denny died and the drama started and it became really painful to watch. But I’d still hunt down all the tunes played and find good music. I also found a few while watching Bones. A friend of mine, who was a die-hard OC and Vampire Diaries fan recommended their tracks. Though I’m yet to go through these, I’m certain I’ll find some good music there as well.

My point is, good music isn’t dead. Finding good music is tough. So, I let these shows do most of the hardwork. And today, when I was going through the showtunes of Revenge, I found some really good tunes. I’m going to leave you with them.

Angus and Julia Stone – Hold On
Angus and Julia Stone – For you
Agnes Obel – Avenue
Agnes Obel – Riverside
Little Dragon – Twice


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