Diwali, to most Indians, is what Christmas is to the rest of the world. It’s a supremely hectic 4 day celebration which starts on Dhanteras and goes on till the day after Bhai Dooj. It’s a beautiful time to visit my country and to soak in all the wonders that is Indian culture.
Maybe once the festival is over, I’ll get down to describing it. But for now, after a long day spent appeasing the Gods, Happy Diwali to you…
Dhanteras literally means multiplication of wealth by the factor of 13. For Hindus, 12 is an inaspicious number and I have no clue why we specifically multiply wealth by 13. But…I’ll delve deep into the bottomless pit of Hindu Mythology at some other point in time.
For now, best wishes for a prosperous new year (by the Hindu Calendar) and may all your wealth, intelluctual, physical and spiritual multiply by 13. 🙂


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