Sleep laden eyes,
sluggish movements.
A lazy smile on her lips
while her head bobs
from side to side.

Lost to the world,
unadorned of wiles.

She has never been more beautiful.

Inspired by a video of my aunt’s niece who fell asleep while listening to nursery rhymes. Every time her head would bob to one side, she’d shake her head and pop it back up on her arms. Repeatedly. While sleeping. Much cuteness. 🙂



Filed under Childhood, Image Inspired, Poetry, The world around me

3 responses to “Sleepyhead

  1. paletteoflife

    Short and beautiful 🙂 Good going !

  2. Shweta Jain

    you should have tagged the video of smrit’s niece to your poem…..very beautifully written…

  3. sprinklesofchatter

    Thank you Bua, but that would have been a serious violation of the niece’s privacy. And I didn’t want to rush her into having a digital footprint before she even understood what that was. 🙂

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