To simply be….

The carved silver
on your ring finger
is a mark
of our union.

And the open spaces
around the etched words
are for your hands
to find mine
in times of need.

In every fidgeting whirl,
and unconscious touch –
I hear your heart
beckoning me.

And for each spin
the ring completes;
I whisper a blessing…
just like a prayer wheel
turning in the wind.

In every second of the touch
I am a reminder to simply be…

I saw someone wearing a ring with the chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” carved into it. The poem developed from the ring being a way of centering oneself. It was so complimentary to the intent of the chant that I could almost feel the poem writing itself. These are the words that it spoke. 🙂



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2 responses to “To simply be….

  1. i enjoyed reading the second last stanza which has a reference to Buddhist hand held prayer wheel; “thanka” or the religious scroll I guess that is what it is called. And being the psuedo critic 😉 I found the second stanza ambiguous…what do you think one shall find in such a tiny space of the ring and that too in disturbing time. you have written ” in times of need”. in your verse. However it was a delightful read as usual.

  2. RuchikaBajoria

    Hi Bua,
    Buddhism and most interpretations of Hinduism state that it is in the very stillness of empty spaces and in their existence that the human mind can find peace and illumination.

    These tiny spaces exist in the most basic of human functions like breathing. Yogic breathing encourages a pause between two breaths and in that pause effectively, there is unity and infinity (unity implying nothing and infinity implying everything).

    That point of emptiness is where the maya of the world fades away and the mind is clear before maya overwhelms you again. That one space, if noticed brings you closer to your “within” where everything is known and understood. So…if you reach that point of emptiness then you find everything you need in your time of need.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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