Book Reviewing Policy

I love reading and everytime I would read a book, I’d write my opinion of the book and how it made me feel, on a piece of paper and put it inside the book. I always thought of it as a nice way of remembering how a book made me feel and what I learnt from it. I’d often re-read a book and then compare my early thoughts with my new ones.

I started reviewing books on my blog once I had limited storage space for my books and had to pack them into cartons. I couldn’t go back to a book and read what I’d felt. And so, I put it up here with the hopes of having ‘book conversations’ with fellow readers.

All books that I review are either personal copies or copies I borrowed from a friend. I also accept review copies based on a few conditions:

– All my reviews focus on what I gleaned from the book and the writing style.

– All my reviews are my honest opinion. I will not mince words or write a favourable review of a book I did not like.

– If you’d like me to review your book, please contact me at sprinkles.of.chatter(AT)gmail(dot)com




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