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A little boy
bundled up in his layered,
light-blue, balloon jacket
leans against the navy brick wall.
Legs apart, arms stretched,
leaning backwards,
his face turned upwards.

The sun peeks out,
from the bleached clouds.
He laughs aloud, runs towards
the bright sunlight and squeals
“caught you!”

And to humour the tyke,
the sun dances into
the nearby clouds.
And when it peeks out
after a while
the boy laughs,
runs forward – once again.

In that moment,
I swear that the sun
twinkled just a bit brighter.
The wind blew with a whoosh
joining in in laughter.



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Bunny & Mrs. Binka

This is a continuation of the story of The Bunny in The Closet. I was going to complete it for a Children Fiction Contest but…the story seemed to have too many inconsistencies. Nonetheless, I’m going to complete it here and edit it later. Hopefully when I have kids to read it out to. My new little sister might just love them. 😀

Mehak and Navya fed the carrots to the bunny, tucked him into the laundry basket and left the flashlight on so that the bunny wouldn’t be scared in the dark. Then, they closed the door carefully and listened real hard at the door to see if they could hear any voices from inside. When they felt certain that no sound was escaping, they skipped down the stairs and because it was bedtime, Mehak went home.

But, neither Navya, nor Mehak could sleep a wink that night. They were so excited.
The next morning, Navya wouldn’t let her mother help her with getting dressed. She didn’t want her mum finding the bunny and sending it away. So she dressed herself, packed her own bag, huddled the bunny into one corner of her cupboard so that it couldn’t come out and rushed down for breakfast.

Once Navya and Mehak reached school, they told their friends all about the bunny and how the parents didn’t know anything about it. However, since school was starting and their teacher, Mrs. Binka, was very stern, they rushed to their seats and waited for school to get over.
Aditya slipped Navya a tiny scrap of paper, unseen by Mrs. Binka. She was a stout old lady with really weak hearing and yet, nothing ever escaped her attention. Everyone secretly wondered she had some sort of hidden sensors! She always managed to catch the children in the middle of their pranks.

Navya hid the scrap in her textbook and sent a prayer up to heaven. She didn’t want to be noticed today. She hadn’t done her homework. If Mrs. Binka noticed her being naughty, she would be punished horribly. She moved her eyes ever so little to determine if she would get caught. At that moment, Mrs. Binka was turned towards the blackboard with a chalk. This is as safe as it’s going to get. I wonder what was so important to Aditya. Maybe I should read the note now. Navya slid the paper out of the text book and read it quickly. “ I have a plan to save the bunny?” it read.

Navya looked up to see Aditya smiling. She felt relieved. Hiding Bunny from her parents had felt like such a rotten thing to do. Besides, it must also be scared, being in the cupboard all day long. And, if she got caught, she could pretty much kiss her idea of having a pet goodbye!

During lunch break, Navya, Mehak & Aditya huddled under a tree in the playground and waited for Aditya to tell them his plan. But Aditya was enjoying all the suspense and he ate his food very slowly so that he could delay telling them.

“Come on now Aditya, out with it. You know how worried we are! What’s your plan?” Mehak wailed impatiently.

“Yes Aditya, it’s awfully horrid of you to tease us so,” agreed Navya.

“Well, it’s not a big plan really” said Aditya. “Mrs. Binka always lets her class keep a pet right? So all we have to do is go upto Mrs. Binka and ask her to adopt Bunny as our class pet. We could all take turns taking care of him. Everyone in class will have to take care of him and Bunny won’t be sent away. We’ll get to play with him everyday in school. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

“Ooooooh that sounds good! We’ll get to keep Bunny!” Navya couldn’t stop clapping.

Mehak hugged Aditya and they all decided to talk to Mrs. Binka right before class started.

So, all the three friends went up to Mrs. Binka and told her about Bunny and requested her to keep it. Mrs. Binka was very happy with them for being honest and she decided that she would like Bunny as the class pet. She asked Navya to bring Bunny to school the next day.

And so, on the next day, Navya scooped Bunny out of the laundry basket, snuggled him into a blanket, plopped him into her backpack and took it to school. Mrs. Binka took one look at Bunny and decided that he was a very nice little pet and so, Navya, Mehak and Aditya got to save Bunny.
Everyone in class loved Bunny and took good care of him. He ate and slept in his cage during classes and played with the children during playtime.

And oh the adventures of Mrs. Binka and the Bunny! Well, there was a new one every evening when she took him home.

The End.

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