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fumbling fingers
and numb hands
seek warmth
and rejuvenation
in crevices; through friction.

Icy air
pierces woolen layers;
strained lungs.

The stars
shed light
on abandoned streets,
skeletal trees.
Earth engulfed
by oppressive silence; deathly sleep.

‘Tis oft said for
a heart that’s dead –
is mourning what it
possesses no more.

I wonder then, what is being mourned by the deadening weather?

I know it’s a little depressing as the first post for the new year. But then, living in freezing temperatures (for the first time!) and reading a book that brings winters to life was too inspiring to not write. 🙂


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I’ve been reading an astonishing amount of new poets lately. And obsessing about them. And yesterday, when the words of Tyler Knott Gregson invaded my sleep and buzzed around in my head, an idea sprung forth. Inspired in equal parts by him and the bountiful nature.

The frozen,
barren branches

for the kiss of spring
to awaken new buds
and stretch its arms wide open.

As I wait for your kiss
to awaken feelings
left untapped,
unfelt, unspoken.


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