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The Absence of Happiness

They say:
It’s all in your head
That you’re merely overthinking
That you must at least make an effort.
They think that you chose this.
That’s not okay.

It’s bad enough that your brain
repeats the same words,
till you’re defenseless
and huddled in a corner,
yearning for a moment’s solitude
from your maddening thoughts.
But the well intentioned people
that surround you don’t understand.
That’s not okay.

They won’t understand
that sometimes breathing
is all you’re really capable of.
They won’t understand
that sometimes, even that feels pointless
and like too much effort.
They won’t understand
the emptiness that’s gnawing your insides
and eating you away,
one happy moment at a time.

We’re conditioned to think poorly
of the people fighting
the demons within their heads.
To ignore their suffering,
pretend it isn’t happening.
That’s not okay.

But perhaps they’ll understand
if you give them a suitable metaphor.
That you’re being chased by a Dementor
and your Patronus, or theirs,
cannot cannot chase it away.
No amount of chocolate will revive you
from the havoc already wreaked.
That this absence of happiness
is not by choice.

And maybe then,
instead of badgering you…
they’ll help you practice your spells
so that in the future, you’ll be okay.
And that, is so much better than just okay.


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She sat by the window
and stared into the brown, grainy expanse
of barren, oft-trodden land.

Her feet itching,
her heart exploding,
she weighed the decision
against the weight of the traditions
that held her back.

She wasn’t afraid of getting lost,
it was the thought of being found
that crippled her.

Tired of cowering in corners,
hiding her bruises
and living in horror,
she walked out the front door
never looking back.

To everyone, it was the end of her marriage.
To her, it was the beginning of life.


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To simply be….

The carved silver
on your ring finger
is a mark
of our union.

And the open spaces
around the etched words
are for your hands
to find mine
in times of need.

In every fidgeting whirl,
and unconscious touch –
I hear your heart
beckoning me.

And for each spin
the ring completes;
I whisper a blessing…
just like a prayer wheel
turning in the wind.

In every second of the touch
I am a reminder to simply be…

I saw someone wearing a ring with the chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” carved into it. The poem developed from the ring being a way of centering oneself. It was so complimentary to the intent of the chant that I could almost feel the poem writing itself. These are the words that it spoke. 🙂


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You don’t
have to
but I
know when
you’re unhappy
the same.

I don’t
have to
feign ignorance;
I do
the same.

arm in arm
have condensed
what’s left

My homage to my best friend. You knew it was about you without me even saying so. 🙂

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Tibetan Prayer Flags

A friend of mine has a string of these flags in her room, right by the window. And everytime I’ve been to her room, I’ve been filled with an odd sense of well-being. If you’re unaware of the history of Tibetan Prayer Flags, I urge you to read a little here.







Five coloured,
finespun linen
filled with
fervent hymns,
flutter on a fickle wind.

fluid air
dances amongst
the flimsy layers.

Creating harmony,
balancing chi;
weathering winds,
sun & storms

Filled with hope,
and peace.
Spreading serenity

These flutter in
the scorching sun.
Until they fade
into oblivion.

Until someone else
comes along,
with another aspiration,
a brand new song.

To string another
stream of hymns
and invoke
innumerable blessings.

This post is part of the contest Tibet: Roof of the world. Its people : Roofless.. on WriteUpCafe.com inspired by the Photo Fiction book

The Stopover


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One Random Act Of Kindness

Every morning, before the rooster crows, tales of gloom are being published somewhere in the city. At the crack of dawn, a bunch of men peddle around the city and drop these tabs at our doorsteps so that we may devour the distasteful actions of others simultaneously with our breakfast. It never ceases to amaze me that most people prefer to start their day, not with thoughts of gratitude or hope but with this chronicle of scams, murder and chaos.

It makes me question humanity. My faith in the very goodness of people is shaken as many times as I pick up a newspaper. It makes me wonder if I truly want to live in this world.

But then, there are those days when a tiny act of kindness will re-affirm the belief that people can be nice. Not everyone on the streets is looking to be callous, uncaring or hurtful. One such act happened last Sunday.

I was out with my cousin for shopping. I had to drop her back to her boarding school in a few hours and we figured that we’d pick up all her necessities en route. Being a weekend and the beginning of the furor that is Diwali, the mall was predictably buzzing. Since the only entry to the parking area was by the elevator, we waited for one to enter into.

As the elevator stopped, some people poured out and we waited to seep in. A man of 30, who was already in the elevator moved to the front and positioned himself in such a way so as to block the passage into the remaning spaces. We couldn’t possibly reach the empty crevices at the back without having to brush up against him improperly. At the time when I was asking him to move and he was pointedly ignoring my request, a lady who was already in the elevator nudged him a little and took my cousin by her arm and pulled her into the space behind the man. She smiled at me, as if she knew exactly what was going on in my head and proceeded to pull me in. I shot her a grateful glance and she just shrugged.

When the doors opened to the basement parking, she whispered into my ears; “I too have a daughter. I understand your predicament.”

And with that inconscpicuous action and statement, she reaffirmed my faith in the very niceness of strangers. We certainly don’t live in an era of castles or fairy godmothers, but we still live in a world of beauty. And just like the fantastical world we inhabited as a child, this world too, has its share of unpleasant people. And while our saviours are no longer weilding swords or riding horses, we still have compassionate people.

Why then, must we begin our day with accounts of sordid and depressing actions? Why then, do we not highlight such simple gestures of compassion?


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Word of the Day- Hope

“I was just reading this and thought of you. I think they’re talking about you here…”

When someone sends you a link with THAT as an explanation, you’re kind of going to be seriously psyched and want to read it immediately right? And that’s exactly what happened with me.

I read this article and yes, it totally felt like me. But don’t go taking my word for it. If you know me, you already have an opinion (and I’d love to hear it) and if you’re one of the few who’re reading this and don’t really know me in person, stick around to form your own opinion on it.

All in all, it was an article that made me chuckle, blush and grin. And not that I’m exaggerating but quite a few of those things HAVE happened to me in the exact way that they were mentioned.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t really think the nicest thoughts about herself and has very solid reasons for that. And since this NaBloPoMo is becoming more of a thing where I write about myself and my fears and less about my writing, I think you’ll have a wonderfully over-detailed idea of why I think the thoughts I do. As a result, this post made me very hopeful. It made me feel like there was a chance I’d somehow, someday find acceptance for my quirks. That somewhere, I’d finally fit in and find people who’d share my eccentricities even.

I sat down to write about two books today. I was planning to begin to share why a book resonated with me. But today, I’ll stick to this article because, for every person out there who reads compulsively, this is a celebration of our obsession.


My list of reasons why I loved the article so much.

1.It felt like someone was talking about me. I could relate to it.

2.The tone of the article was light-hearted and fun. A joyous read made exceptional due to the writing style.

3.The in-depth analysis of how reading changes our views of the world and has a marked impact on how we think and act.

4.It started with appreciating obsessive reading and ended on the note of appreciating compulsive writers. Definitely how I progressed.

5.I did cry when I ran out of space in my study. I got myself a new cabinet. Its been filled too. Now you know, why I’m still crying for closet space.

6.My favouritest gift this year for my birthday was “Twenty love songs and a song of despair” by Neruda.

7.And yes, nothing beats books as gifts for all occasions. Unless ofcourse, it’s a book-shaped charm outta diamonds to wear around my neck. It’s still a book you know? 😉

8.And the most important reason…this article tells you exactly how you should treat me. I don’t have to write a manual anymore 😀


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