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Your eyes…

The world is full of beauty,
laughter and mystery
as are your eyes.

The world is full of possibility,
when I see it through
the prism of your eyes.

You tell me not to love them;
to you they are spiritless.
But for me…

My soul swims satedly
in the sea of sensuality
as I look into your eyes.

If I were to deny myself sight,
I still couldn’t unsee
the stars shining in your eyes.

And why would I even want a life that is so deprived?

*Inspired by a rough translation of a song in a language I do not understand.


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Autumn Days…

If I stay still
for the smallest spell
I can drown in the silence
surrounding the rustling leaves
when it’s ravaged by breeze.

If I pause
to gather a breath
the crisp, dry air fills
my lungs and pierces me
with musk and mulch.

And if I amble alongside
the meandering gravel path
the fallen leaves
decay into clay
beneath my cumbersome feet.

But for all its romanticism,
autumn is cold and daunting
with the threat of icy winters
kissing you goodmorning…


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For everyday that we spend apart
and I cannot speak
the words of my heart;
I find a snippet by someone else
that would tell you
how much my heart’s bled.

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Recollections – yours and mine

Early in the new year, a lot of my creative friends committed to creating works of art for the first ten people who commented on their status update where they pledged their art. The only catch was that the people receiving the art needed to carry it forward. Do something nice for others. For some reason or the other, I didn’t commit to it because my writing had been extremely sporadic and ten works of writing seemed impossible. But…I’m in a much better place now with words flowing just a little bit better.

And I want to do this. Not to insist you carry it forward. But to celebrate my relationship with my loved ones. So please, drop me a line anywhere [facebook, email, comment, text…whatever] with one of our lovely memories you’d like for me to try to express. Or anything you’d like for me to pen down for you.


How about it?


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And I

want you
to know how
each of the hesitations
and lumps in my throat,
and every deep sigh
is because I
lost your

But I
don’t ever
want you to know
that if all my thoughts
became my spoken words –
I’d talk incessantly
about you.

And I
hope that we
are more than just
unspoken words and
unsated lust.

Inspired by this post on Facebook. I hope I did the emotions justice. 🙂

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Red streaked sky, water rushing by…
A kerosene lamp illuminates
the boat’s inside.

A soft, lingering kiss
and fireworks light up the sky.


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By the Riverside



on a forgotten
stretch of land,
I sink into
the murky, silt.

amongst the damp,
muck and grime,
I am
resigned – to my fate.

to go unseen,
and unknown
to my grave.

with the hope
of a young bride,
I was offered up
as  a sacrifice.

floated me
into the river stream
to sink
into the deep .

the waves
did not agree
and pushed me

I am lost,
forgotten, weary.

of any hope…
I waste away
in the sand.

trying and inching
through the unyielding land
the river embraces me.

I am returned to my destiny.


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