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Autumn Days…

If I stay still
for the smallest spell
I can drown in the silence
surrounding the rustling leaves
when it’s ravaged by breeze.

If I pause
to gather a breath
the crisp, dry air fills
my lungs and pierces me
with musk and mulch.

And if I amble alongside
the meandering gravel path
the fallen leaves
decay into clay
beneath my cumbersome feet.

But for all its romanticism,
autumn is cold and daunting
with the threat of icy winters
kissing you goodmorning…



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Coffee camaraderie

I see your gaze
to my face,
whenever I stir
from the book
in my hands.

I see you look away
from your screen
ever so slightly
towards where I sit.

I catch you
sneak a peak

just as I think
you’ll never make a move
you do.

Dear stranger
at the coffee shop –
I enjoyed meeting you
I didn’t regret
the invasion of privacy.


March 21, 2014 · 1:19 pm


Sleep laden eyes,
sluggish movements.
A lazy smile on her lips
while her head bobs
from side to side.

Lost to the world,
unadorned of wiles.

She has never been more beautiful.

Inspired by a video of my aunt’s niece who fell asleep while listening to nursery rhymes. Every time her head would bob to one side, she’d shake her head and pop it back up on her arms. Repeatedly. While sleeping. Much cuteness. 🙂


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Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 2.16.54 AM


I remember
huddling over the table
speaking softly;
offering you coffee,
and your fleeting touch
on my straying strands
of hair that escaped
into my eye.

I remember
you ordering a cookie
and crumbling it up
saving me a big piece
while I ate my sub

I remember
wanting muri,
and dangling my feet
at the edge of the lake;
feeling alone
in a crowd
and you whispering
the shapes of floating clouds.

I remember
all our times
and everything
that has changed.

I remember…


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How I Braved Anu Aunty…


If you were to look through my bookshelves (they fill up an entire room and then some…) you’d find an eclectic mix of books from an equally eclectic range of writers. You’d find quite a few Indian authors but barely any of the fluff fiction that passes for writing these days. Truth be told, there are less than 10 of them. And apart from one or two, they’ve all left me miserably disappointed. Some, I haven’t read beyond the initial chapters and the forever loved ‘A thing beyond forever’ was so particularly painful that I lasted a mere half page. I wanted to gouge my eyes out over that compilation of paper I wouldn’t wipe poop with. Which is why I’m always filled with trepidation when someone recommends a National Bestseller. But then, I saw a friend of mine promoting “How I braved Anu Aunty” on facebook and I was intrigued.

For one, the cover page had no crappy insinuations to love or engineering colleges. And then, the caricature of Anu Aunty was just hypnotic. I wanted to pick up the book just to look at that big head with a bigger bindi! 😀  But I didn’t. I thought this would be another one of those fluff fiction books which would have poor grammar, crappy writing and absolutely nothing worth my time. Even though the name of the book alluded to an entrepreneurial story, I was sceptical. But then…I read reviews – good ones. And I still didn’t pick it up because I needed to trust the reviewer. I’d read waay too many good reviews of far too many abysmal “writers” (and I use this term in its most loose connotation here). I know what you’re thinking…and yes, I am a snob. After the massive heartburn that was Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone,(shudder, puke, puke some more) the more hyped a book was, the more cynical I’d become. But then, I saw that Rupa published it. And a teeny voice inside me said, “well, they have good sensible editors. Maybe the story won’t be good but atleast there will be no pathetic language being written off as how youngsters talk.” You see, what Mr. Bhagat had failed to recognize was that when he came out with five point, I was a youngster and I was the exact age of his protagonist and no sir, I did not talk like that. Nor did my friends or their friends. Anyhow, with good reviews and a good publisher, this book made its way onto my reading list.

It was a massive headache to source this book and I think I have to sever my long standing relationship with Flipkart because of their shoddy customer service. So when, after almost 3 months of scouring for the book, it made its way into my hands on Saturday night, I just had to start reading it. And what a read it was.

I loved this book. The last time an Indian author had made me laugh out loud as much as he did was when Anuja Chauhan came out with The Zoya Factor back in 2008! I started reading it today, sometime in the early evening and I was faced with a dilemma. This book is such a simple read and it flows so effortlessly that even before I realized, I’d polished off half of it and I felt cheated. I wanted to slow down and savor it and yet, I had to speed up because I was eagerly awaiting the next Anu Aunty dialogue. This book just swooshed past and made my day so very cheery.

It’s not like I found nothing wrong with the book. I can almost always find flaws. And I did. But the most refreshing change was that the characters spoke in a language which was identifiable. The dialogues weren’t stilted or forced. There was no spelling error or glaring grammatical offence. Even the sprinkling of Bollywood music and thunder and lightning was done very cleverly. Even before the author commented on them being present, because of the narrative, I was always expecting it and I would always pause to wonder just which tune would be more apt. What was also very refreshing was that there was no moaning or sighing for a woman. There was, however, a lot of it because of a woman (adorable anu aunty). Friendships were real and not glossed over. Crises were also relateable.

My only tangible regret is that the situation with Aahaana could have been more interestingly explored and Devika’s date was almost like a third forelimb. Awkward and quite frankly, I didn’t see the point of it. I don’t get that tangent at all.

But the one thing this book managed to do, was to change my opinion. I might not pick up every fluff fiction out there even now, but if it sounds intriguing, I might atleast pick up the book to read the back cover. I’m not sure fluff fiction is exactly where this book stands but I know for a fact that it isn’t literary. And I think, therein lies the beauty of Anu Aunty. It isn’t trying to be anything. It isn’t pretending to be a mass produced book, nor is it trying to be transcendental.

The author says that he’s not a writer but a story teller and frankly, I have to disagree. His story is fabulous but what stood out was his narrative. His writing has potential. After all, did I mention that it changed my opinion? That of a self proclaimed, proud, extremely critical literary snob? That counts for a lot.

And there you go people…my first ever book review!


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Scurrying Home


Straining towards
the setting sun;
soaking in
the last rays
of sunlight.
I spread my petals
far and wide,
to touch the
tired, tepid rays.
The tiny ant
scurries down
the stalk,
as it sways
in the sorrowful,
setting light.

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Things Never To Say To A Teacher

I went to my old school again today. And, just like my last trip, it was a walk down memory lane and then some.

I do hope this article tickles your funny bone as much as it did mine!


I was always one of those students who bugged her teachers, relentlessly, for test scores.

And yes, I was also the student who wondered why teachers didn’t get holiday home assignments and we did.

Also started all my requests with “I know you’re busy but…” and continued to ask them to indulge my needs.

And yes, me and my friends would often sit under the big tree outside the Bio-lab on the wire bench with a huge chunk missing and contemplate just HOW anyone could possibly want to teach us.



This article just reeks of my childhood.And since my beloved computer is acting up and I’m only capable of reblogging something today, I am going to put a pin on my experiences at school today and hope this still counts as dedicated blogging. 🙂

Singing Pigs

A short little piece inspired by the tenth student in fifteen minutes to inquire about a test.

1. Have you graded our tests yet?

No.  Contrary to popular belief, I am not a Scantron machine.  Good thing, too, because to my knowledge, Scantron machines cannot grade short answer or essay questions which make up the bulk of your test.  And while I do consider myself a reasonably intelligent human being I have not yet perfected my reading skills to complete ninety, four-page tests in one hour (which is exactly how long it has been since you walked out of my classroom) even if I weren’t teaching the rest of the day or preparing your classes for tomorrow.  I reassure you that the second the tests are graded, the grades will be posted online because (also contrary to popular belief) I have better things to do than get my kicks by…

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