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Autumn Days…

If I stay still
for the smallest spell
I can drown in the silence
surrounding the rustling leaves
when it’s ravaged by breeze.

If I pause
to gather a breath
the crisp, dry air fills
my lungs and pierces me
with musk and mulch.

And if I amble alongside
the meandering gravel path
the fallen leaves
decay into clay
beneath my cumbersome feet.

But for all its romanticism,
autumn is cold and daunting
with the threat of icy winters
kissing you goodmorning…



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I’m not a morning person. I don’t see the joy in waking up when the first rays of sunlight streak a dark sky and bit by bit, change it from a deep dark hue to one filled with vivid oranges and reds. I don’t understand how people will sleep with their curtains open so that the sun can peek in from the window and the fresh rays of the sun fall on their eyes as a good-morning wish. I don’t smile in joy when I hear the first strains of a bird’s morning song. I don’t breathe in the fresh, cool morning air. I don’t like waking up.

However, I love mornings in general. There is a quiet sense of sanity that seems to be shared by everyone. The slumber of the night dulls our defences and hides the facades we use all day. I love the tune of the birds and I love how the earth seems to yawn awake. I find the muted morning sounds of a milkman on a bicycle or a priest chanting in the neighbourhood temple to be uplifting. I love watching the sky change colour and I love weaving stories about it.

But I’d much rather sleep AFTER seeing and sensing these moments than wake up early to relish them. Make sense?

As a friend very aptly put it today, I like waking up when the sun is over my head, not playing peek-a-boo with me.

I don’t understand how people can be at their jobs at 6 or 7am in the morning. Do you like NOT sleep the night before? And what really do you have to be chirpy about at 7am? You wake up when everyone else is snuggled into their cosy beds. You make yourself a cup of tea/coffee and breakfast, munch it down alone and get to work. You drive, walk etc to work on deserted streets where even the homeless are sleeping. Sweet!

And what’s with the RJs in the morning? Why are they so fake-happy and excited to be hosting a show which people are listening to as they groggily make their way from their bed to the bathroom till the time they’re stuck in a gridlocked traffic jam? Really, where is the joy in being the person who drones on and on while the world would just like you to shut up and grab 5 extra minutes of shut eye?

When I wake up in the morning, and it doesn’t matter if it’s early 6:30am or late 9am, it’s still torturous. Even if I slept at midnight, I still wouldn’t be fresh at 9am. Doesn’t happen. And then I see mom being nice and cheerful and daddy making me a cup of chocolate and it makes want to curl up in bed and sleep the cheeriness away. How, just how is someone cheery in the morning??

And then there is he issue of how my brain doesn’t function (at all) when I wake up early. I could wake up at 6:30 or 7 or 8am, and yet, for the next 2 hours, I’m sleep-walking. You could pick any topic and all the response you’ll get is Hmmm and an occasional Uh-huh. Also, even long showers don’t pop my eyes open. Imagine having to get to a morning class to study math, my favouritest subject in a zillion galaxies, when my eyes won’t open and my brain won’t work. Peachy keen I tell you. Peachy peachy keen.

And the absolute torture of early mornings? The absolute? There isn’t a single good Coffee Café that opens before 11am. Where is a coffee junkie to go if she wants an Apple Pie Latte or even a nice Dark Roast Cappuccino to sip on? Before 11am, it’s a world without coffee. Wake me up when that ends.

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