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To simply be….

The carved silver
on your ring finger
is a mark
of our union.

And the open spaces
around the etched words
are for your hands
to find mine
in times of need.

In every fidgeting whirl,
and unconscious touch –
I hear your heart
beckoning me.

And for each spin
the ring completes;
I whisper a blessing…
just like a prayer wheel
turning in the wind.

In every second of the touch
I am a reminder to simply be…

I saw someone wearing a ring with the chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” carved into it. The poem developed from the ring being a way of centering oneself. It was so complimentary to the intent of the chant that I could almost feel the poem writing itself. These are the words that it spoke. 🙂



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Dancing amongst the Moonrays

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 6.27.03 pm


Let us play
on a moonlit night
with the falling rays
that barely illumine.

I want to
mould your hands
into indescribable shapes
and create shadows
that tell our tale.


Photo courtesy Khushboo. 🙂

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By the Riverside



on a forgotten
stretch of land,
I sink into
the murky, silt.

amongst the damp,
muck and grime,
I am
resigned – to my fate.

to go unseen,
and unknown
to my grave.

with the hope
of a young bride,
I was offered up
as  a sacrifice.

floated me
into the river stream
to sink
into the deep .

the waves
did not agree
and pushed me

I am lost,
forgotten, weary.

of any hope…
I waste away
in the sand.

trying and inching
through the unyielding land
the river embraces me.

I am returned to my destiny.


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the path ahead

Outside the window –
dominates the sky.

You tense
just as the sun
a final goodbye.

No person,
no house
for miles around.

No gps ,
no network,
any second now
you’ll start to worry
and be filled with doubt.

No way towards
the highway
we’re all but lost.

in the middle
one of my
worst nightmares.

And yet, I’m unafraid.

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Sleep laden eyes,
sluggish movements.
A lazy smile on her lips
while her head bobs
from side to side.

Lost to the world,
unadorned of wiles.

She has never been more beautiful.

Inspired by a video of my aunt’s niece who fell asleep while listening to nursery rhymes. Every time her head would bob to one side, she’d shake her head and pop it back up on her arms. Repeatedly. While sleeping. Much cuteness. 🙂


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Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 2.16.54 AM


I remember
huddling over the table
speaking softly;
offering you coffee,
and your fleeting touch
on my straying strands
of hair that escaped
into my eye.

I remember
you ordering a cookie
and crumbling it up
saving me a big piece
while I ate my sub

I remember
wanting muri,
and dangling my feet
at the edge of the lake;
feeling alone
in a crowd
and you whispering
the shapes of floating clouds.

I remember
all our times
and everything
that has changed.

I remember…


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Kids these days…

Yesterday, while picking up a cup of coffee in a mall, I saw this precocious little boy of barely 4-5 years old. This little pack of cuddles ran out of the elevator, right into Pizza Hut and insisted to the wait-staff that he’d like to ring the bell. He jumped up and down excitedly until his wish was fulfilled. After a few loud chimes, when he was put down, he gave the waiter a winsome smile and ran to his father to point to the ice-cream man. When his father walked past without paying him a second glance, he rushed out of the mall and onto those toy cars right outside. He didn’t wait to ask his dad or plead. He plonked himself onto the seat, made vroom-vroom noises and started pedaling himself around. Smart kid. Now the father couldn’t possibly leave his kid and go home and neither could he ethically not pay the toy-car man. And so, the little boy got his car-ride.

Kids these days never cease to amaze me. It’s like ever since we got out of one stage of childhood, the new kids took over and completely rewrote the game. They’re sharper, they speak their minds and they know exactly what they want…right down to the toppings on their pizzas. Usually, I’d fret over how quickly kids these days grow up. But when I saw this little boy, I didn’t see him as one who grew up too quick. He had the babyishness most babies today seem to lack. This little chipmunk was good old naughty. He had a throw-your head-back kind of laugh. He ran with a wobble. He was pudgy and rosy to boot. Here was a kid who was indulging in the purest kind of joy there is…that of being impish.

I’d gone to get myself a cup of coffee coz it’s hot, fuzzy happiness in a cup. It calms me and makes me feel that things will improve. But this tiny tot took me back to a time when I was young enough to act naughty and get away with it. I remember mum not letting me run around crowded places so I’d always hold daddy’s hand and he’d let go occasionally and I’d use that to embarrass mom into getting me a chocolate or a book or something. It didn’t matter what the thing was, I didn’t even want it badly. It was just about bothering mom.

This one tiny, easy-to-miss event made me feel fuzzier and happier than a cup of java could. It completely diverted my train of thought to all the peccadilloes I indulged in with my cousins. I was carefree again.

And so, my sweet lovable friend who’s reading this when times are tough, go out for a change of scene. Look around at all the fun moments and smile. And if you’re one of the lucky ones with a kid around, go play a while.


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